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SB60™ Self-Adhesive Shingle Underlayment

SB60 Stormblock Self-adhesive Shingle Underlayment

SB60™ SELF-ADHESIVE SHINGLE UNDERLAYMENT creates a waterproof barrier that can be exposed to the sun for up to 12 MONTHS before being covered with shingles.

  • Install under roofing to provide a moisture barrier wherever wind-driven rain or excessive water is expected.
  • Self-seals around nails and screws.
  • Apply to entire roof deck or at eaves, valleys, vents, skylights, and chimneys.
  • Granular non-slip surface for improved walking.
  • 10 year limited warranty.


SB-60 is a self-adhering mineral surface underlayment which is applied directly to the roof deck to protect from leaks due to wind-driven rain or roof failure. The specially formulated rubberized asphalt adhesive seals around nails and forms a long-lasting barrier.SB-60 is backed with a protective release sheet which removes easily during application. The release sheet is perforated in the middle for easy valley applications. An adhesive selvedge ensures a water-tight seal between courses ofSB-60. Do not use under metal roofing unless approved for use by the metal roofing manufacturer!

1) The membrane should be applied in fair weather at a minimum temperature of 50° F. Minimum slope for installation is 2 inches per foot.

2) The surface to receiveSB-60 shall be clean, dry and smooth. Prime masonry, OSB, and aged and metal surfaces with an asphalt primer to achieve maximum adhesion.

3)SB-60 is installed by removing the release sheet and pressing the membrane onto the roof deck. The selvedge should be on the upward slope to seal to the next course ofSB-60 . CPI recommends peeling back 12” of the release sheet to expose the adhesive and pressing theSB-60 onto the roof deck. Continue to remove the release sheet as theSB-60 is unrolled and pressed onto the roof deck.SB-60 is easily cut with a knife or scissors.

4)SB-60 has a perforated release film. It may be installed by unrolling the amount ofSB-60 required, separating the release film at the perforation, and sticking one-half of theSB-60 to the roof deck. Then, fold up the half that still has release film, remove the release film, and press SB-60 on to the roof deck.

5) Overlap ends at least 6 inches. If SB-60 is not going to be covered immediately by the roof, prior to applying the next roll, you must cover the 6 inch lap area with a continuous application of asphalt caulking or roofing mastic to ensure a water tight seal.

6) Extend SB-60 above the highest level water is expected.

7) If applying to more than one course of SB-60, make sure the side laps are at least 3 inches and installed in a shingle-like manner so that the water will run over the lap seam. Remove the protective film covering the selvedge, roll out the next course of SB-60 and firmly press into place.

8) Ridges, valleys, chimneys, dormers and other areas requiring flashing may need special attention. Make sure that all overlaps are installed in a shingle-like manner and sealed with asphalt caulking or roofing mastic.

9) Cover SB-60 with final roofing within 12 months of application.

Read complete Installation Instructions on package before applying SB-60.


Color, surface Black granule
Roll Width 36”
Selvedge width 2.5” - 3”
Roll Length 66.7’
Area/Carton 200 ft2
Shipping Weight 69 lbs


Thickness 60 mils min.
Tensile Strength >42 lb MD
  >33 lb CD
Elongation at Break >40% CD
  >30% MD
Tear Resistance >60 lbs/sq CD
  >50 lbs/sq MD
Water Absorption < 0.1%
Moisture Vapor <0.1 perms
Nail Sealability PASS
Thermal Stability PASS
Slip Resistance PASS
Minimum Slope 2 : 12
Application Range 50˚ F - 100˚ F
Service Range -30˚ F - 170˚ F

All testing per ASTM D 1970 unless otherwise noted.

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