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No matter how rough the road gets, our RV repair products will fix up any kind of RV or Camper. No matter what type or color of roof you have, we’ve got you covered. Available at RV supply stores across the US.

Quick Roof™ Clear Patch
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Quick Roof™ Clear Patch

QUICK ROOF CLEAR PATCH’s remarkable bonding properties are the result of its proprietary blend of unique co-polymers and butyl rubber. It can be installed without the need for primer at temperatures as low as 20°F, and keeps on sticking down to -70°F. It stops leaks instantly, and repairs most roofing materials, gutters, flashings, RV’s, mobile homes, trucks, trailers, skylights, garden sheds, camping gear, and more! See-through Clear Patch creates repairs that are almost invisible!

QUICK ROOF CLEAR PATCH is available in 4"x20' rolls.