Roof Repairs

From new home construction, to repairs and maintenance, we’ve got your roof covered. We offer a wide array of products to fit every installation, and our permanent repair products instantly stop leaks and drafts.

Quick Roof™ Pro Aluminum
Roof Repairs

Quick Roof™ Pro Aluminum

Instant Waterproof Repair

QUICK ROOF is the original aluminum-faced self-adhesive roll roofing and roof repair material. Its patented formula consists of a polymer reinforced aluminum surface and an aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive. It’s UV stable, seals out the elements, and has a ten-year limited warranty. 

QUICK ROOF is available with Natural Aluminum and White aluminum facing materials, and is sold in the following sized rolls:

  • 3” X 25’
  • 6” X 25’
  • 6” X 33.3’
  • 18” X 33.3’
  • 36” X 33.3’