Nobody wants a drafty home. But without a high-quality flashing material, installed windows and doors are likely to let in air and moisture. That's why we offer a wide array of flashing products designed specifically for window and door installation. From traditional window flashings, to flexible tapes for sills, to a closed-cell foam that forms a gasket under doors, our products will seal out the elements, keeping homes comfortable, dry, and energy-efficient. 

Tite Seal Butyl Ultra
Window and Door Flashing

Tite Seal Butyl Ultra

TITE SEAL BUTYL ULTRA is the premiere self-adhesive flashing, composed of top-of-the-line Steel-Loc Butyl Adhesive and a polypropylene facing material.  It is compatible with silicone and caulk, and is impermeable to water, moisture vapor, and air. TITE SEAL BUTYL ULTRA can be used to flash around windows and doors, and to seal joints in sheathing panels, around vents, and other openings. TITE SEAL BUTYL ULTRA adheres to wood, OSB, aluminum, vinyl, house wrap, steel, drywall, and more. It can be applied in extreme temperatures without the need for primer.

TITE SEAL BUTYL ULTRA has a white facing material, and is available in the following sized rolls:

  • 4”X33’
  • 4”X75’
  • 6”X75’