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Cover 'N Coat™
Self-Adhesive Repair & Reinforcing Fabric

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COVER ‘N COAT is a 35 mil membrane composed of a polyester fabric top surface and an aggressive rubberized
asphalt adhesive layer.

Cover ‘N Coat is an ideal repair and reinforcing material for cracks, seams, and stress areas in both
metal and asphalt roofs. It can also be applied to joints in wood, gypsum board, metal, and polyethylene and styrene
surfaces to form an air and moisture barrier in stucco and EIFS construction. Cover ‘N Coat can also be used to seal
around window and door openings. Its unique polyester surface is designed to adhere to roof coatings as well as the
base coat in stucco/EIFS construction.

The surface must be clean, dry, and free from oil grease and debris. Dirty, rusty, or
weathered surfaces should be primed with a water, polymer, or solvent based primer prior to installation. Install when
temperatures are 50ºF or higher. If applying over caulking, make sure that the caulk is fully cured to prevent an adverse
reaction with the asphalt adhesive.

Just remove release paper and press in place, making sure to center Cover ‘N Coat over the area to
be sealed. Roll to insure proper adhesion and to minimize any trapped air. When applying to concrete or masonry the
surface must be primed before application of Cover ‘N Coat. A construction grade spray adhesive can also be used
to improve adhesion in less than ideal installation conditions. When overlapping from end to end, be sure to overlap
a minimum of 4 inches. Do not leave the membrane exposed to direct sunlight for more than 30 days prior to coating.

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